The Hardware Commissioning Team initially takes the form of a Working Group and evolves towards an operation team in the commissioning phase. Engineers belonging to the equipment groups as well as the AB-OP Group constitute the Team.

The Team receives the Mandate of:

1.     defining the commissioning programme to be applied to the sector as a whole after the individual system tests. This task includes the definition of the procedures, their sequencing, the refinement of the time required for the commissioning, as well as the identification of the conditions required to start, those required during the commissioning and the conditions which determine the end of the commissioning.

2.     coordinating the tests for the qualification of the individual systems (vacuum, cryogenics, interlocks, magnet protection, powering, etc).

3.     following-up the preparation work of the assemblers and the specialised teams checking their systems in order to ensure that the conditions required for the hardware commissioning of the sector are present (infrastructure, assembly, safety) in time

4.     carrying-out and coordinating the hardware commissioning in the time frame allocated by the General Construction and Installation Schedule

5.     carrying-out validation and specific studies on the first commissioned sector

6.     bridging between hardware commissioning and operation with beam in collaboration with the LHC OP project,

The Hardware Commissioning Working Group/Team reports to TCC and informs LTC and MARIC.

Last Update Delphine Rivoiron 09-02-2004